A Beautiful Pair

Sharan & Janani

Sharan looked handsome, Janani looked beautiful, the wedding fragrance was all over the place and it was their wedding day. This traditional Tamil wedding took place at Thindalmalai Sri Velayudha Swamy Temple, Erode.
It was blissful to be present at an auspicious venue and the adrenalin rush of the couple was seen as the rituals unfolded. The natural surroundings coupled with natural emotions made it a beautiful collection of memories. We made sure with our photographs that their wedding day remains a present even after years. The simple wedding was followed by a grand reception on the next day at Muthu Mahal and the top notch decorations there added flavour to the event (and for our captures). Sharan and Janani enjoyed their shoot amidst the wedding and reception. Everything surrounding Sharan and Janani were in fast forward mode, yet Sharan looked awestruck by his lady love, “Janani Kanmani En Uyir Neeyadi” (oh dear Janani! You’re my soul) would have been the song playing in his mind. Dum Dum photography’s photos will complete their love just like the chorus behind the song!

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