Then now and forever…

Yoganand & Rajalakshmi

For any pair who is madly in love with each other, wedding is the point of culmination, which is the end of one episode and the start of something new. Auspiciously, Yoganand and Rajalakshmi decided to take their seven year’s love to the next level at vadapalani Murugan temple .It was a traditional Tamil wedding and the two families planned to carry the serenity surrounding the event by arranging it at Tamil god Murugan’s disposal
So much would have gone through the minds of Yoganand and Rajalakshmi, the journey from their first meet to the scene where they were sitting at the wedding stage. So excitedly, they would have come around the sun many times waiting for this day to come. The realisation that year’s dream is actually turning into reality can make anyone emotional as they were sinking in it. Aren’t those the emotions to be captured? Don’t the pair wanted to see how their day turned out to be, how important the photographs are to bring a smile in them after they become veterans in married life! As the mangala vadhyams played the traditional mangalyam music and when the wedding mood spread all over the place,dum dum phototgraphy froze those moments ,to keep it fresh for the rest of their life.

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