The Post Wedding Shoot at Le Pondy

Sailing in Love

Days would have passed as life tests your patience and compassion in a relationship. Somewhere under the sky and above the sea, Vasanth would be drowning in thoughts wearing the life jacket called love. Priya would start blogging about how she misses her man. They would look for something close to their hearts to reminisce and we at dum dum photography presented them the same. The couple geared up for their post wedding shoot and the picturesque outskirts of Le Pondy at Pondicherry added flavour to it. For the first set of shoot Vasanth was charmingly cute in a formal attire and Priya was mesmerizing him in her red salwar. They posed for the photographs with romance and ease as they seemed to wish for the time to stand still. With few more moments of them and a few more memories to cherish, the pair was very much cooperative in their post wedding shoot.

Vasanth and Priya’s life, post wedding may not be a stereotypical one. They cannot experience cuddling each other after their daily work. They cannot have dinner together talking about how their day was. But still, miles apart, they will love each other. To the couple who have ‘miles and miles between them, long waits between visits and the nights spent alone in thoughts’, we heartily render few memorable frames of their post wedding shoot to bring back the spark that is lost in distance.

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